Dutch Designstudio and Atelier with a passion for watercolor

Handmade paintings and illustrations in modern and artistic styles

Available as Artprint on various materials and sizes


WatercolorWall is an atelier and design studio of Ricardo Bouman.

Ricardo is a creative designer with a good dose of wanderlust. His travels are his greatest source of inspiration for making paintings and (cartographic) illustrations.
WatercolorWall gets its name from the fact that watercolor is his favorite medium to paint with. In addition to watercolor, Ricardo also paints with acrylic paint, oil paint, inks and also uses natural materials to make collages. In addition to analogue works, he also makes digital illustrations with a stylus on a tablet.
His collection contains paintings in artistic and modern styles, painted with interesting techniques. His work varies from colorful to mystical, from realism to impressionism and from abstract to minimal art. The subjects often have a connection with nature, an emotion or a visited location in the world.
Ricardo is a traditional watercolor artist that stands for creative handmade art.
Therefore he does not use Ai (Artificial Intelligence)
Curious how Ricardo creates his handmade watercolors? Watch his films below.